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We aim to cultivate lasting relationships with race directors, athletes, and the local community by delivering impeccable results through state-of-the-art timing technology, streamlined event management, and a professional presentation, all while providing exceptional customer service with a friendly and positive attitude. Our commitment to building strong relationships and providing unparalleled support sets us apart in the industry, and we take pride in our ability to consistently exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression.


Mangled Momentum is the brainchild of the dynamic husband and wife team, Whit and Breanna Bissell.


Our journey began in 2005 when we delved into the vibrant world of local events in Arizona. This initial venture ignited a passion that would shape our future in the events industry. As Whit embraced a traveling position with a nationwide event series, and Breanna took on the pivotal role of Event and Brand Manager at US Speedskating, our shared commitment to creating memorable experiences took root.


The road beckoned, and after leaving Utah, Whit continued to make waves in the industry. His expertise contributed to the success of nationally acclaimed series such as the Color Run, the Dirty Girl Mud Run, and recently with industry giants Tough Mudder and Spartan. These experiences not only refined Whit’s skills but also enriched our approach to event management.


Meanwhile, Breanna brought her skills to the forefront as the National Events Manager at USA Triathlon.


United by a shared vision and fueled by a love for crafting extraordinary events, we decided to merge our talents and establish Mangled Momentum. As we celebrate a milestone, we are proud to share that Mangled Momentum has been in business for a decade. Since its inception, our company has become synonymous with innovation, precision, and an unwavering dedication to exceeding expectations.


From our humble beginnings working local events in Arizona to managing high-profile national series, Mangled Momentum has evolved into a creative force, leaving an indelible mark on the event management landscape. Our journey continues, driven by a passion for excellence and a commitment to creating unparalleled experiences for our clients and participants.


Thank you for being part of our story.


Whit and Breanna Bissell, Owners and Operators of Mangled Momentum



Why does MM specialize in mountain bike timing and events? It's simple – we're passionate about it! Each type of mountain bike event presents its unique challenges, and we thrive on understanding and conquering them all. Mountain bike events are renowned for their complexity, especially when it comes to timing. Our schedule is packed with them because we genuinely love the intricacies involved. Take a typical cross country race, for instance, with its multitude of divisions, laps, and start times. It's a logistical puzzle, but we comprehend every facet and know how to deliver accurate results swiftly. And if you elevate the challenge to an enduro event, we're all in. Our current calendar proudly features a variety of XC, Enduro, and Ultra Endurance mountain bike events, showcasing our commitment to mastering the intricacies of each and every race we undertake. At Mangled Momentum, our love for mountain bike events fuels our expertise, ensuring seamless timing and unforgettable experiences for participants and organizers alike.


Mangled Momentum (MM) has encountered and navigated through the myriad challenges that can unfold on event day. With a rich portfolio, MM has played pivotal roles in assisting, managing, and producing diverse events, ranging from mountain bike races, cycling, running, and triathlons to inline skating, various concerts, a particularly grand football game occurring annually in February, and even rare snow events (a unique feat coming from Arizona). The versatility of MM extends beyond geographical boundaries, allowing us to travel extensively for events held anywhere.

Our holistic approach involves examining events from multiple perspectives to enhance their success. We meticulously assess potential safety concerns, parking logistics, participant flow, venue layout, and course intricacies. MM aspired to become an indispensable resource for event organizers seeking additional support or entrusting us with complete event management.

Listening closely to our clients' needs, we commit to delivering on our promises and take pride in meeting deadlines. Whether you're seeking assistance for a specific aspect of your event or looking for comprehensive management, let MM be the driving force behind your next project. Allow us to contribute our expertise, ensuring your event not only meets expectations but surpasses them.


Mangled Momentum (MM) is dedicated to assisting you in orchestrating your entire event through This comprehensive results, photo, and event platform facilitates seamless integration with the Jaguar timing software. It's not only free for race directors but also user-friendly for participants. In one convenient location, you can access event information, sponsors, results, fundraising details, course maps, and much more.

MM is committed to supporting you at every step of the process, ensuring a smooth and successful event. Count on us to guide you through the utilization of, making the entire experience hassle-free for both organizers and participants. Let's collaborate to create an event that exceeds expectations!


On the much-anticipated event day, Mangled Momentum (MM) will be on-site bright and early to construct our finish line. Our race trailer will be strategically positioned, and we will meticulously set up and test all timing equipment well in advance of the race kick-off. Why the early start? Our commitment is to ensure the seamless operation of your entire event. Recognizing the inherent chaos of race day, we strive to be the behind-the-scenes support that allows you to focus on other aspects. We aim for you to approach us post-event, expressing that you never had to worry about our operations because you were confident that everything was expertly handled. Trust MM to bring efficiency and reliability to your event day.


From the very beginning, our mission at Mangled Momentum (MM) has been to deliver an exceptional finish line experience, regardless of the event's size. While other timing companies might arrive with a handful of construction cones and a timing mat, MM consistently provides a world-class finish line experience for every race we time. Our custom trailer doubles as a mobile office, ensuring we can operate efficiently even in challenging conditions. In fact, we prioritize investing in backup systems, often exceeding the total expenditure of our competitors' entire timing setups.

Equipped with the cutting-edge Jaguar Platinum Timing Systems, capable of handling up to 10,000 runners, our setup includes a custom Global Truss finish arch with overhead antennas, safety cones, Snapshot finish line photos, Honda generator, mile markers, start flags, and various standard features. These resources enable us to deliver rapid and precise results, enhancing the overall appeal of every event. One of our standout features is the Jaguar Announcer software. With our overhead antennas picking up signals from timing chips as athletes approach, we can display their information on monitors and announce athletes by name as they cross the finish line—an engaging touch that adds a personalized element to the event experience. At MM, we're dedicated to making every event shine with a memorable finish line experience.


Mangled Momentum (MM) offers a variety of results posting options tailored to the nature of the event we are timing. These choices encompass a Race Results Kiosk, which produces a receipt displaying the athlete's finish time, a scrolling results television monitor, paper results displayed on our results board, or live online results posting. Once all participants complete the event, a comprehensive report highlighting age group winners is provided to the race director for announcement during the awards ceremony. These reports are customizable to accommodate the specific requirements of each event.

Furthermore, results are seamlessly uploaded to the corresponding ITS Your Race event page and mobile app, granting friends and family immediate access to the athletes' results as they unfold. Athletes themselves can enjoy real-time access to results, along with photos and customized certificates, all through the convenience of ITS Your Race. MM ensures that the post-event experience is as dynamic and accessible as the event itself.



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